The UK Food Plan is working to get more vegetarian and vegan choices wherever food is served by 2025

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About the UK Food Plan

The UK Food Plan is working with schools across the UK to introduce more and better quality vegetarian and vegan options into their canteens.

Award winning school chefs, Tony Mulgrew and Lyndon Mcleod, have worked with the UK Food Plan to develop a recipe pack by school chefs for school chefs. The pack is full of budgeted, nutritious, student-approved, vegetarian and vegan recipes.


Vegetarian and vegan dishes are a great solution for many of the problems schools chefs face:

  • They are cost effective for school budgets.
  • They cover a number of dietary requirements and preferences.
  • They’re full of fruits and veggies, helping pupils get their 5-a-day.
  • They help your school and students make greener food choices.
  • There is an increasing demand for them from students, parents and teachers.

The recipes are currently being distributed to schools across the UK, with further recipes being developed for future packs.

Help us spread the word about vegetarian and vegan food to schools

Whether you’re a caterer looking to mix up your menu, a pupil who wants to get their school eating in a more planet friendly way, or a parent who’d like to see their children’s choice at lunchtimes improve, why don’t you ask your local school if they’ve heard about the UK Food Plan?

Download the UK Food Plan recipe pack to see the recipes for yourself

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How can you help get the UK Food Plan recipe packs into schools?

  1. Download the recipe pack
  2. Email, post or hand in the recipe pack to your local school

If you’d like to send in a cover letter or email with the recipe pack we have a template that can help.


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